Finding The Time

Just as the title says, it’s sometimes hard to find the time to write. Whether it’s a blog post or my current WIP, it’s such a pain for me some days. I’ve gotten the advice (multiple times) to set aside a time every day to write. Fifteen minutes, an hour, three hours, it doesn’t matter what the limit. For some reason I can’t bring myself to stick to this when I try.

I’m a fairly organized person so I like to have a schedule throughout the day to keep me on top of things. For the most part it works. I stick to my list, I manage to complete my tasks. EXCEPT when it comes to my writing.

Why is that? I’m not completely sure, but I think at present my biggest problem is that I’m just not into my current book the way I was when I started it a few weeks ago.

Oh no, here we go again. Unfortunately, that happens to me a lot. I try to stick with it, but it’s just not flowing for me. Ok, time to put it away. Maybe only for a little while, maybe forever. Who knows?

I think a lot of writers run into this problem, though some don’t like to admit it. It’s not about dedication to what you want to achieve in life. It’s more about feeling like this…Why would anyone else be interested in my story when I can’t even be interested in it?

Writing prompts and exercises can sometimes help get me back in the groove, but not always. Sometimes we just need a little break. But taking a break isn’t always a good thing. Let’s say you walk away from your WIP because you’re just not feeling it. It’s good to get some distance sometimes. What happens when you come back to it and realize you don’t really want to write this particular story anymore? No big deal because there’s always another idea out there waiting for you to put your twist and own personal flavor on it.

Maybe the breaks really are a good thing. Maybe they tell you that no matter how good you thought the story was when you started out, it wasn’t all that great really. Maybe there’s another one you realized you’d like to tell more. Or maybe you just realize that writing isn’t going to be your calling in life.

NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I refuse to believe it. Because even if I don’t create a work that perhaps someone else will one day love, I know I’m doing something that I love. So what if I’m never published. Pfft, who needs that anyway. The way I see it, if it makes me happy, I’m going to do it. Regardless of whether or not I finish a book, I will continue to write until I can’t do it anymore.

It’s what makes me happy, so why not?!?!

So, here’s my suggestion. If you can’t find the time to open up your computer file and write every day, or week, or whatever, at least do yourself a favor and jot your ideas down on the fly. In a notebook, on your phone, wherever is convenient for you to do so. Don’t let them slip away into the abyss, because some day you may just end up regretting it.


Where Did My Words Go?

Sad fact: Sometimes articulating the thoughts in my head is easier said than done. I know what I mean to say, but when I try to put them down on paper, or computer, or in everyday conversation, they don’t come out as well as I’d hoped.

Take for instance some of my blog posts. I have this idea in my head, but by the time I’ve published it, it’s not really what I initially expected it to be. There’s lots of words to be sure. Are they putting the message I want to convey out there? Hardly. Or at least it’s not happening quite the way I wanted it to…or thought it would. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I’m not sure. But it sometimes feels like I start out with a specific intention and end up making the post something else.

This can also extend to my writing at times. Generally I have the feeling that the book is writing itself through me and I don’t run into this problem (except for when it comes to “show vs. tell”). It’s when I try to force the writing that I bump into the problem of being able to get my descriptions, dialogue, etc. across. What to do then? Stop…just stop. Go on to something else. Maybe another writing project, maybe go read for a little while. Just step away from it and come back to it when my fingers aren’t trying to override the voices of my characters screaming in my head.

I have one book that I haven’t touched in over a year because it no longer feels like it’s being written through me. I think I’ve given that one up as a bad job, but you never know. I may come back to it in the future.

Another problem: You ever get this story idea that you think just totally kicks ass, get partway through it, then realize you just don’t have anything else? That’s happened to me countless times. I think there’s something around twenty or so books on my computer and/or USB that I don’t think I’ll ever touch again. Regardless of how good I thought the story was when I started out, it turned to nothing more than just a few ideas or specific pieces of dialogue. You can’t make a novel out of something if you can’t really see where it’s going…or where it’s been. I can’t anyway, maybe someone else can.

I have begun a few stories of mine from just bits and pieces of dialogue, or a particular scene that I couldn’t get out my head, and in these cases most have worked out well and become finished works……..but not all of them. I think the main reason it doesn’t work out so well is because in some of these I am not as attached to my MC as I am with others. I like the idea of their story, but I can’t bring myself to really delve into it the way I think a writer should. If I can’t go there, what makes me think anyone will be able to?

There are a lot of writers out there who will agree with me and a lot that won’t. Everyone has their own style and methods when they are trying to compose a novel. For this girl at least, one thing is certain…if I have to force it, I must walk away from it. At least for a little while.

The Number 13

January 2013 Blog Chain

The Number 13



Here we go in 2013, starting the Blog Chain from Absolute Write off with a bang! As you will see some of those participating in this month’s Blog Chain have written stories that revolve around the number 13, but I can’t do that. As I said before, and will undoubtedly say again, I don’t do well with short stories in a short amount of time. I ramble far too much for any coherence in that regard and nothing I could produce on the subject would even constitute a short story. So instead, I give you what I can do…

The number 13 doesn’t hold much significance for me really. It happens to be half of what my birth date is, and the birthday of one of my favorite cousins, but not much else comes to mind when I think of 13…other than the fact that it creeps me out. The number is just wrong somehow. So let us explore this mystery. After some time thinking about it and doing a little work on my phone browser, this is what I have for you to enjoy. (And yes, I did go to the almighty Google gods for some of my inspiration on this one, forgive me.)


  • I’m thinking first off, for no reason I can explain, what it would be like to have 13 kids. That’s a lot of mouths to feed!
  • Why aren’t there 13 months in a year and only 12?
  • Why don’t humans have 13 fingers and toes instead of 10?
  • Why had I never heard of Triskaidekaphobia (hope I spelled that right) until this month’s prompt came up? (I honestly didn’t know people had an actual fear of the number 13 and the fear was given a clinical name.) This caused me to do a little research on the subject because I find tidbits like this interesting. Apparently some believe the number is bad luck (not that I disagree on that point) and avoid anything to do with the number 13 whenever possible. Interesting. Even some buildings and larger hotels will go out of their way to not label the 13th floor as such. Even more interesting.
  • Ok here’s an obvious one I should have thought of right away, Friday the 13th. Perhaps, some will say, the unluckiest day of all.
  • In some countries 13 is a lucky number.
  • People have a 13 tattooed on themselves to represent good luck.
  • 13 stripes on the American flag (another one I should have thought of right away).
  • Apollo 13 of course, who could forget that?
  • If memory serves, 13 is when Jewish boys have their Bar Mitzvah.
  • The 2001 version of Thirteen Ghosts (didn’t know there was one made in 1960, thank you Google).
  • In the span of 100 years we will have 13 full moons (for some reason this also creeps me out).
  • The number of Cylon models in Battlestar Galactica……oh wait, there’s only 12. 

That’s just my little list of interesting bits I’ve found on the number 13. I did enjoy some of the information I found when looking around to see how people treat the number 13 in regards to good/bad luck. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t like the number 13……even though I can’t truly explain my reason other than the one given above, it’s just wrong somehow. However, I don’t go out of my way on Friday the 13th to avoid a black cat that might possibly cross my path, or walking under ladders, or anything like that. I don’t think bad things happen on that day in particular just because of the date, bad things happen every day. That’s just my opinion. I’m sure bad things occur for some folks on those days and it feels like the worst omen in the world though.

There are a lot of interesting facts about the number 13, these are merely the ones I enjoyed the most, and the ones I was most curious about. On that note, happy 2013 everyone and may it be a good one for you.

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Beware, the Thesaurus Has Taken Over

One of my biggest pet peeves when I read is feeling like the author has supplanted a dictionary or thesaurus into their book. I don’t mind vivid description, please don’t take my meaning here wrong, but I do mind when I read something that makes me feel like Webster wrote half the book.

I don’t mean I need something “dumbed down” for me. I’m a fairly intelligent person. I just don’t like the feeling sometimes that some people write using words they wouldn’t normally use in normal conversation.

There are some exceptions to this. If an author is writing a genius as their character I expect it. You can usually tell if an author sat there writing his/her book with a dictionary and/or thesaurus open next to them. It has a tendency to turn off my enjoyment of the book fairly early on. And it feels, to me anyway, as if they’re trying to sound smarter. I’m not sure if that’s rude or not, but it’s generally the perception I have. I know some people in the world talk like that, but not the majority of us…

In my opinion anyway………

So Here I Am…

I’ve decided to link my other blog to this one for a larger audience…I hope. I know it’s shameless but I just can’t help it. I will however not only stick to one specific subject on this one, but delve into many areas. As my other blog mainly consists of writing information, likes/dislikes, etc. I wanted to branch out a little bit more with this one and see how it goes.

If you’ve read the posts I imported when I created this blog then you know a little bit of my writing history so I won’t bore you with it now. Suffice it to say, I love what I do and I do what I love.

I realize this whole idea may not work, but why not give it a shot. What do I have to lose? Nothing except for the time I put into this, but I don’t really consider that a loss because it was fun to do.

I ramble a lot so please don’t be too bored with me sometimes, try to push through. Because sometimes I actually have something interesting to say…once in a while…maybe.

On another note I will say something that is of no interest to anyone but myself; you can always tell which blog posts I do from my phone and which are done from the computer. The latter tend to be more long-winded. Oops! I can’t help it sometimes. I like to talk. Let’s face it, sometimes you just need to get things off your chest no matter how long it takes.

I promise not all my posts will be like this one here. I have one in the works that is far more interesting, I swear.

Disappointment in Reading

We write because we love it. Right? Right! So why do some books feel like zero love was put into them? I’ve only come across a few books like this in my life, but they were major disappointments to me. They seemed to read like the authors rushed through them just to meet a publication deadline. It felt like their hearts and minds weren’t in the story they were trying to tell.

Oh, tears of sorrow and rage. How could I possibly put a book down thinking it had no heart, no life of it’s own? That’s truly how I feel about books. They are a world unto themselves. I want to feel like I’m a part of it, warm in it’s light and cold in it’s dark.

Some books, I feel, are incapable of creating that complete immersion for me. Though they are few and far in between. But when it does happen, I at least try to figure out why I feel that way. Sometimes it has to do with technique, character depth (or lack thereof), plot issues… The list goes on and on. I’ve even found this to be true for authors I’ve read most of my life. When I put my finger on it, I try to learn from it.

Not everyone has the same tastes though. We can always chalk it up to this; it’s only my opinion and I’m sure others would disagree with me. But we could also say…it happens. Nobody is perfect and not everything is going to please everybody.

I only hope that if by some miracle I am published sometime in the future, nobody gets that feeling from my book……….