Finding The Time

Just as the title says, it's sometimes hard to find the time to write. Whether it's a blog post or my current WIP, it's such a pain for me some days. I've gotten the advice (multiple times) to set aside a time every day to write. Fifteen minutes, an hour, three hours, it doesn't matter … Continue reading Finding The Time

Where Did My Words Go?

Sad fact: Sometimes articulating the thoughts in my head is easier said than done. I know what I mean to say, but when I try to put them down on paper, or computer, or in everyday conversation, they don't come out as well as I'd hoped. Take for instance some of my blog posts. I … Continue reading Where Did My Words Go?

Beware, the Thesaurus Has Taken Over

One of my biggest pet peeves when I read is feeling like the author has supplanted a dictionary or thesaurus into their book. I don't mind vivid description, please don't take my meaning here wrong, but I do mind when I read something that makes me feel like Webster wrote half the book. I don't mean I … Continue reading Beware, the Thesaurus Has Taken Over

So Here I Am…

I've decided to link my other blog to this one for a larger audience...I hope. I know it's shameless but I just can't help it. I will however not only stick to one specific subject on this one, but delve into many areas. As my other blog mainly consists of writing information, likes/dislikes, etc. I … Continue reading So Here I Am…

Disappointment in Reading

We write because we love it. Right? Right! So why do some books feel like zero love was put into them? I've only come across a few books like this in my life, but they were major disappointments to me. They seemed to read like the authors rushed through them just to meet a publication … Continue reading Disappointment in Reading

Going Back Again and Again…..and Again…

What is it about some books, or series of books, that makes us want to go back to them time and again? I don't think it's any one factor really, there are many reason and they vary from person to person. But while I couldn't sleep last night I was thinking about this...right before I … Continue reading Going Back Again and Again…..and Again…

A Little Bit ‘O History

I'm always curious about how other people began their career, or attempted career, in writing. Mine isn't all that interesting to anyone but myself...but I suppose that would be true for most people. For as far back as I can remember I've always loved reading. I don't remember when exactly it happened, my youth is … Continue reading A Little Bit ‘O History

And Away We Go!

So here's my first attempt at blogging...from my phone. One thing is for sure, typing with one finger drastically reduces my rambling.Just a quick update on my writing activity as of late:The Occult Collection is currently in edits. Oh yeah! But on the downside, my laptop screen decided to black out on me so it's … Continue reading And Away We Go!