Organizing A Disorganized Mind

Here's something every writer deals with: How do you keep your work organized? I was thinking about this recently, and thinking about all the answers I've gotten to this question from writers in the past. It's interesting to see just how much people vary in the ways they keep their work/notes organized. So, I thought … Continue reading Organizing A Disorganized Mind

Breaking up with your book

Street of Dreams

Dearest —–

You must have seen it coming. My eyes have been wondering to other books on the shelf. I  have gingerly caress their spines as yours sat collecting dust.

And then there were those occasions when I did pick you up. After waiting months and months to see you, I sighed, enthralled perhaps for a minute or two, but quickly the feeling vanished and I was left, forcing myself to keep going, hoping inspiration would hit us again.

books_1612625c (1)

It didn’t.

I furrowed my head at your plot twists. What once seemed ingenious now became convoluted and redundant. As more and more seemingly filler characters came into the picture, as your story become self-aggrandizing and obese, as your story veered off into tangent after tangent in an obvious allegory to Christ which for some reason almost every dystopian series feels it must follow, I sat and wondered, were you the…

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Oh Edits, How I Love Thee

Apparently when I said "extremely rough draft" in reference to Anniversaries, I was quite a bit. Wow. I mean, just wow. It's that bad. Keep in mind that this is the first book I ever wrote. A lot of time and energy went into it, not to mention massive amounts of cramps in my … Continue reading Oh Edits, How I Love Thee