Oh Edits, How I Love Thee

Apparently when I said “extremely rough draft” in reference to Anniversaries, I was understating…by quite a bit. Wow. I mean, just wow. It’s that bad. Keep in mind that this is the first book I ever wrote. A lot of time and energy went into it, not to mention massive amounts of cramps in my right hand. It was written with a pen and paper. Copious amounts of words and notes later I have this finished product that I was so proud of. And rightly so I should think. Anyone that begins and finishes a piece of written work should give themselves a pat on the back for achieving their goal. Whether the writing is good or not is another question.

In this case, it was not. I’ll give an example in a moment, but I must first touch on something else. I never thought back then that the writing was excellent. Never expected it to be published right off the bat. I’m not stupid or naive, I knew it needed work. I didn’t really realize how bad it was even while I was doing edits on it over and over again. Then I get a swift kick in the slats last night when I’m reading just the first chapter.

How I even stayed awake I still don’t understand. Talk about snoozeville. So as an example, in the first three pages I kept only 30 or so words that were actually useful to the story. Add to that they weren’t even useful at the beginning. I’m torn at the moment between completely starting over, maybe changing POV or changing the MC, and trying to salvage something out of this mess that is my first finished book. On one hand I have the ability to revamp the story completely, which I honestly believe it needs. On the other hand, I have the chance to keep it how it is, but to fix what needs to be fixed.

Either way I have my work cut out for me, but it’s something I’m determined to do. I think I’ll go with option number one and see how it works out.


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