Seduction and Snacks Book Review

Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers #1) by Tara Sivec This book was recommended to me by two of my friends last summer. I decided to check it out and was blown away by how funny it is. The book has its erotic moments that are well written, and the characters remind me of myself and … Continue reading Seduction and Snacks Book Review

Who Wrote This Dribble?!

I've said before (probably more than once) how much I love delving into the minds of writers. One topic I enjoy discussing is the bad lines we write that, hopefully, never see the light of day. We all have these horrible lines that somehow creep their way into our manuscripts and make us scratch our … Continue reading Who Wrote This Dribble?!

Revising The Revisions

I'm sitting here, everything is in the proper place, my Erotica short is pulled up on the laptop... ...and I'm not touching it. (No pun intended.) I'm really distracted by the music playing, and I'm mostly over here singing along and dancing in my seat. *sighs* It's just one of those days I suppose. Except, … Continue reading Revising The Revisions

An Anti-Vday Celebration

I protest this holiday. Always have and always will. I don't see the point of it, but that's just me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against love. It's a wonderful, beautiful experience. That being said, I really dislike this holiday. I dislike even more that so many people choose this one day out of … Continue reading An Anti-Vday Celebration

The Write Starting Point

I'm always interested in learning the idiosyncrasies of writers. Some of the things we do make people scratch their heads in confusion or shrug their shoulders......even look at us like we're crazy. That's my favorite reaction, makes me giggle. Some writers need to have everything set up just right before they can begin writing; we … Continue reading The Write Starting Point


See what I did up there in the title? Hehehe, I'm funny. Ok, so not really. Lately I've been thinking about Point of View (POV) when writing a novel. Normally, I write my novels in some form of third-person POV, usually omniscient or limited. Recently though, I've been on this first-person present/first-person past POV kick. … Continue reading My POV–Um, POV

February 2014 AW Blog Chain

February 2014 Absolute Write Blog Chain This month's prompt: Characters Writing About Authors ETA: I'd like to apologize to everyone before you read the post. She has a tendency to swear too much and I promised her I wouldn't change anything, just put a little warning at the beginning. So you're warned, foul language ahead. … Continue reading February 2014 AW Blog Chain

Random Internet Stuff

Tragedy! That's what last night's Superbowl was. I've decided to write a post not remotely related to football at all. This is in an attempt to pull me out of the deep depression I sank into as I watched my beloved Broncos get shellacked. So, we have some sexy dancing (and some horrible dancing as … Continue reading Random Internet Stuff