An Anti-Vday Celebration

I protest this holiday. Always have and always will. I don’t see the point of it, but that’s just me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against love. It’s a wonderful, beautiful experience. That being said, I really dislike this holiday. I dislike even more that so many people choose this one day out of the year to act like they care about the person they’re with, while any other day they’re behaving like a wank….or a douche. /rant

All this lovey-dovey crap I keep seeing around today is making my stomach turn. My poor Twitter & Facebook feeds are overloaded with so much mushy I can barely wade through it.

So, I’m here to spread some Anti-Valentine’s Day love.



I couldn’t resist these last two because they cracked me up.


Have a fabulous day and remember to always appreciate the one(s) you’re with, not just on Vday. 😉


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