Before Onyxis I

“They compliment each other in so many ways. And yet each could cause the other’s destruction so easily. It’s a very thin line they must carefully walk every moment they’re together.”

“Must you always state the obvious like such an annoying ass Gosi?”

“Hesandra, just explain to me why you’re so willing to let them walk right into something they have no chance of coming out of alive.”

“There is nothing else. There is nobody else. This is the only way. Unless you have some brilliant fucking plan that I’m unaware of, shut up about why I’m ‘letting it happen’ and help me for once!”


Darkness and Treachery…

Onyxis 1

Nothing was what it seemed when the moment finally arrived. So what really happened in Onyxis? What became of our beloved foul-mouthed Hesandra? Did Arryn and Felice have enough strength to overcome the evil that awaited them?