The Fires of Heaven: WoT Reread

Rand leads the fight, along with Mat and others, against the Shaido Aiel. Rand and Aviendha…well, let’s just say, bow chicka wow wow. (D’oh, now she has ‘toh!) Which, naturally, pisses Lanfear off. (Btw, I find that extremely humorous.) Sadly, Moiraine and Lanfear die. But, um yeah, not so much. (Spoiler!) Oooooh and Rand attacks Caemlyn. Also, I have one word for you… balefire.

I have total nerdgasms whenever Mat’s “memories” are involved. Hey, dying is a pretty big price to pay for what he received. But, man oh man, does he become a badass! So geeked for his upcoming storylines.

Nynaeve traps a friggin FORSAKEN with an a’dam…She still drives me bonkers though. Nynaeve and Elayne are on the hunt for some rebel Aes Sedai.

Poor Siuan is stilled and friggin Elaida is friggin Amyrlin for far too long. Such a shame I have to wait so long for her to get what’s coming to her. *sigh*

Oh, and Egwene continues as an honorary Wise One with the Aiel and becomes pretty bad ass herself after this book.

Perrin is absent from this one. I’m torn here. His absence also means Faile is absent, no loss there. But, but it’s Perrin. And, as much as I dislike some of his character development after Faile entered the picture, he still has a place in my heart. And he will do some pretty amazeballs shit eventually.

Alrighty, I believe I’m ready to get this party started. *turns on audio book* Ahhhhh, much better.


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