Simultaneous Rereads

So, I’m cruising along in the car on my way home and notice that ACOS is almost done. I started getting all excited to move on to APOD, but then I remembered…The Dark Tower will be in theaters 8/4 (major SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! moment), and I need to reread those books too. Let’s face it, I won’t go see the movie until I do. Soooooo, I’d rather start them sooner than later. I haven’t decided if I’m going to read one series and listen to audiobooks of the other yet, or if I’m going to jump back and forth between the two on both platforms. Decisions, decisions. Either way, there will be blog posts. So, all you avid readers of my poorly neglected blog, (yeah, all 1 of you), don’t be alarmed when you see posts about TDT, I shan’t relinquish my hold on TWoT…not when I’m in my favorite part of the series.

Until next time my darlings…


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