I figure after all this time I should maybe say something…

Shame I have no idea what to say. Audra is being a bit douchey because she has new material on Hesandra and Gosi, but is unwilling to share it. Go figure.

Not that I can talk. I have new material for The Temple and can’t manage to post it. Mostly because something about it just doesn’t feel right to me. I’m not exactly sure what that is yet though.

She’s just being a biznatch as usual.

Maybe one of us will post something other than this random ish sometime this year.

Oh, and we’ve had a revamp. I’m sure Audra will just love that all of her dark colors are gone. She’ll have to deal though. We were in need of a makeover and I wanted simple.

Dear Audra,

Suck it up, buttercup!

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