It’s Official, I’m Obsessed with Michael Kramer Reading to Me

I’m sitting here eating my pork chops (Yes, I’m eating leftover pork chops at 1 in the afternoon ‘cus I’m hungry and mmmmm pork chops/edit: note that it has taken me over 2 hours to write this as it's now around 3:30pm-I can't help that I'm a bit picky about how my posts look and … Continue reading It’s Official, I’m Obsessed with Michael Kramer Reading to Me

Otherland: City of Golden Shadow

I've tried reading this series multiple times and have never finished. Shame on me. I WILL finish this time. I've spent the past few hours browsing Sci-Fi books for my Kindle after my disappointed finish of The 100, and then I remembered that I have some in my library, derp. I love me some Tad … Continue reading Otherland: City of Golden Shadow

Book Obsession

Currently obsessing over Clive Cussler books. Particularly his Dirk Pitt series. Not my "normal" genre. Rarely have I read books like this as I tend to stick to Sci-Fi/Fantasy first and foremost. Then to my legal thrillers, horror, erotica, erotic fantasy and so on. BUT...Cussler has a knack for making this man, one that clearly … Continue reading Book Obsession

Beware, the Thesaurus Has Taken Over

One of my biggest pet peeves when I read is feeling like the author has supplanted a dictionary or thesaurus into their book. I don't mind vivid description, please don't take my meaning here wrong, but I do mind when I read something that makes me feel like Webster wrote half the book. I don't mean I … Continue reading Beware, the Thesaurus Has Taken Over

Disappointment in Reading

We write because we love it. Right? Right! So why do some books feel like zero love was put into them? I've only come across a few books like this in my life, but they were major disappointments to me. They seemed to read like the authors rushed through them just to meet a publication … Continue reading Disappointment in Reading

Going Back Again and Again…..and Again…

What is it about some books, or series of books, that makes us want to go back to them time and again? I don't think it's any one factor really, there are many reason and they vary from person to person. But while I couldn't sleep last night I was thinking about this...right before I … Continue reading Going Back Again and Again…..and Again…