The Shadow Rising: WoT Reread

We’re goin to the Aeil Waste baby yeahhhh!!!! *does a super dorky happy dance*

I can’t explain how stoked I am that I’m on this book, but let me make a short list:

 1) Rand weilds Callandor and does some awesomecrazyinsane One Power weilding too

2) Aeil

3) Awesomeness ensues in Tanchico with Elayne, Nynaeve and a friggin FORSAKEN

4) Aeil

5) Matt’s enters TWO ter’angreal, interacts with the Aelfinn, then later the Eelfinn…and is officially cemented as my fav WoT character

6) Aeil

7) Perrin returns to the Two Rivers and becomes a badass (Unfortunately Faile is with him. Thus begins the ruination of Perrin’s character.)

8) Aeil

9) Crazyness ensues at the White Tower

10) Aeil (duh)

The Dragon Reborn: WoT Reread

Do you like to dance, Perrin Aybara?

Mmm mmm, I sure do love me some Aiel!

I’ve sooo been waiting for this one to start. It’s odd, only listening to these books, but that just means I get to spend time when I’m not in my car reading a completely different series. Ahhhh, the nerd is strong in this one.