TDT Reread: Song of Susannah

The best way to explain my love for this book shall follow with quotes and stuff: “King looked back at Roland. "As The Man With No Name--a fantasy version of Clint Eastwood--you were okay. A lot of fun to partner up with." "Is that how you think of it?" "Yes. But then you changed. Right … Continue reading TDT Reread: Song of Susannah

TDT Reread: Wolves of the Calla

Say your lesson, Jake, son of Elmer, and be true. Goosebumps. Every. Single. Time. Never fails. I swear, John "Jake" Chambers is the coolest 11 year old (Hyphenated? I tend to care less about proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure when I do these on my phone. Laaaaazyyyyyyy!) in the world!! Well, for my nerdy … Continue reading TDT Reread: Wolves of the Calla

TDT Reread: The Wind Through The Keyhole

Aka 4.5 in TDT series to the hardcore Tower Junkies. I proudly wave my junkie flag. And even though Cuthbert and Alain aren't in this one, this time we get the amazing Jamie DeCurry, it's always lovely to get another glimpse of Roland's past. Let's hunker down for the starkblast and enjoy the story we're … Continue reading TDT Reread: The Wind Through The Keyhole

TDT Reread: The Drawing of the Three

"Did-a-chick? Dad-a-chum?" Gotta love creepy ass lobster looking creatures that seem to ask questions and attack you, am I right? (As usual, this will contain spoilers. Sooooo, if you haven't read this book yet, you've been warned.) We start out with our favorite gunslinger getting two fingers of his right hand munched off by a … Continue reading TDT Reread: The Drawing of the Three

Simultaneous Rereads

So, I'm cruising along in the car on my way home and notice that ACOS is almost done. I started getting all excited to move on to APOD, but then I remembered...The Dark Tower will be in theaters 8/4 (major SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! moment), and I need to reread those books too. Let's face it, I won't … Continue reading Simultaneous Rereads

A Crown of Swords: WoT Reread

I'm already more than halfway through the book and I just realized I haven't done a post about it yet. Oy vey! So, for once, there won't be the endless rambling that generally comes with a post of mine. ... Actually, I've just found out I'm incapable of doing anything short of rambling about this … Continue reading A Crown of Swords: WoT Reread