Before Onyxis I

"They compliment each other in so many ways. And yet each could cause the other's destruction so easily. It's a very thin line they must carefully walk every moment they're together." "Must you always state the obvious like such an annoying ass Gosi?" "Hesandra, just explain to me why you're so willing to let them … Continue reading Before Onyxis I

A Character’s Voice: Hesandra

Last month there was a post in which Arryn had free reign around here for a day and I was thinking I should let Hesandra loose this time. (This may become a recurring theme.) Truth be told, I'm a little nervous. I hope I don't regret this later. If I do, live and learn. P.S. … Continue reading A Character’s Voice: Hesandra

The Temple: Part One – Excerpt Of My Attempt At A Short Story

Please keep in mind that: a) this is only a small part of a short story, b) I don't self-edit well, c) nobody has critiqued or done a beta on the story, and d) I'm still attempting to work on my writing style/technique...which has many flaws. All that being said, I hope you enjoy reading … Continue reading The Temple: Part One – Excerpt Of My Attempt At A Short Story

Hera, Queen of Gods (Goddess Unbound) Review

Hera, Queen of Gods (Book One of Goddess Unbound) by T.D. Thomas (click pic for link to amazon page), published October 2012. A wee bit o' history on how I found the book first. I was recently browsing the Kindle Store for a new Fantasy book to read when I came across Hera, Queen of … Continue reading Hera, Queen of Gods (Goddess Unbound) Review

So Here I Am…

I've decided to link my other blog to this one for a larger audience...I hope. I know it's shameless but I just can't help it. I will however not only stick to one specific subject on this one, but delve into many areas. As my other blog mainly consists of writing information, likes/dislikes, etc. I … Continue reading So Here I Am…

And Away We Go!

So here's my first attempt at blogging...from my phone. One thing is for sure, typing with one finger drastically reduces my rambling.Just a quick update on my writing activity as of late:The Occult Collection is currently in edits. Oh yeah! But on the downside, my laptop screen decided to black out on me so it's … Continue reading And Away We Go!