Back At It

Ok, it's been far too long since I did a post here, or any kind of writing for that matter. That sucks. But thankfully I can get back into it again because I've missed it sooooo much. My head is so full of ideas that I can't keep them all straight anymore. Before I get … Continue reading Back At It

A Little Bit ‘O History

I'm always curious about how other people began their career, or attempted career, in writing. Mine isn't all that interesting to anyone but myself...but I suppose that would be true for most people. For as far back as I can remember I've always loved reading. I don't remember when exactly it happened, my youth is … Continue reading A Little Bit ‘O History

And Away We Go!

So here's my first attempt at blogging...from my phone. One thing is for sure, typing with one finger drastically reduces my rambling.Just a quick update on my writing activity as of late:The Occult Collection is currently in edits. Oh yeah! But on the downside, my laptop screen decided to black out on me so it's … Continue reading And Away We Go!