It’s Official, I’m Obsessed with Michael Kramer Reading to Me

I’m sitting here eating my pork chops (Yes, I’m eating leftover pork chops at 1 in the afternoon ‘cus I’m hungry and mmmmm pork chops/edit: note that it has taken me over 2 hours to write this as it's now around 3:30pm-I can't help that I'm a bit picky about how my posts look and … Continue reading It’s Official, I’m Obsessed with Michael Kramer Reading to Me

Otherland: City of Golden Shadow

I've tried reading this series multiple times and have never finished. Shame on me. I WILL finish this time. I've spent the past few hours browsing Sci-Fi books for my Kindle after my disappointed finish of The 100, and then I remembered that I have some in my library, derp. I love me some Tad … Continue reading Otherland: City of Golden Shadow

Book Obsession

Currently obsessing over Clive Cussler books. Particularly his Dirk Pitt series. Not my "normal" genre. Rarely have I read books like this as I tend to stick to Sci-Fi/Fantasy first and foremost. Then to my legal thrillers, horror, erotica, erotic fantasy and so on. BUT...Cussler has a knack for making this man, one that clearly … Continue reading Book Obsession

Run For Your Lives, It’s The Romance Genre!

Hmmmmmm, I feel another book review in the works. Not in this post, but definitely upcoming, and soon, because I have had my eyes opened today ladies and gentlemen. I read, for possibly the first time in my 30+ years if memory serves, a Romance novel......from start to finish. That's not too shocking I suppose … Continue reading Run For Your Lives, It’s The Romance Genre!

Beware, the Thesaurus Has Taken Over

One of my biggest pet peeves when I read is feeling like the author has supplanted a dictionary or thesaurus into their book. I don't mind vivid description, please don't take my meaning here wrong, but I do mind when I read something that makes me feel like Webster wrote half the book. I don't mean I … Continue reading Beware, the Thesaurus Has Taken Over