Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn Reread: The Dragonbone Chair

Ahhhhh, visiting Osten Ard to begin the Tad Williams marathon. I don’t remember for sure, but I believe I’ve only read MSaT 2 or 3 times. Let’s face it, for me with a Tad Williams series, that’s pretty tame. I mean, c’mon, I’ve read the Shadowmarch series at LEAST 20 times. But, y’know, Barrick reasons. (Seriously, in my top 5 novel crushes he ranks #2….and yes, I really have a list.) I have to save that tangent for the right time though. Moving along…

Let’s begin our journey with Simon Mooncalf and see just how much we’ve missed being drawn into his world.


Crossroads of Twilight: WoT Reread

While I’m listening to this, but only when I’m in the car, and finishing the last few pages of TDT, I’m thinking about moving on to some Tad Williams next. I’m in a reread sort of mood lately. Ah, but this time I’ll switch it up a bit…at some point. I’ve never read his Otherland series all the way through. I know, I know. Shame on me.

Winter’s Heart: WoT Reread

Perrin goes after Faile blah blah one track mind blah blah.

Elayne attempts to secure her throne. And she becomes first sisters with Aviendha. I rather enjoyed that part, pretty cool.

Mat is back! I so missed him. Oh and by the way, he finally meets The Daughter of the Nine Moons. Kidnapping your future wife is probably not the best start, but meh, it’s pretty damn humorous.

Poor Rand is bonded by his 3 lovely ladies. He and Nynaeve cleanse saidin.

Aaaaand go!

TDT Reread: Song of Susannah

The best way to explain my love for this book shall follow with quotes and stuff:

“King looked back at Roland. “As The Man With No Name–a fantasy version of Clint Eastwood–you were okay. A lot of fun to partner up with.”

“Is that how you think of it?”

“Yes. But then you changed. Right under my hand. It got so I couldn’t tell if you were the hero, the anti-hero, or no hero at all. When you let the kid drop, that was the capper.”

“You said you made me do that.”

Looking Roland straight in the eyes–blue meeting blue amid the endless choir of voices–King said, “I lied, brother.”

– Sure, sure, let’s not only break the 4th wall but tear that shit apart completely. I thought the whole SK part in this book, along with the upcoming scene in TDT, worked really well. I know I’m in the minority here, but that’s ok. Anywho, King’s last line gives me chills. I remember the first time I read it, my jaw dropped and I thought, “Damn, Roland, what a dick thing to do.”

“The thud came again and yet again. It was Jake, bringing his balled-up fist down on the hood of the taxi. “Asshole!” Jake yelled at the pallid O on the other side of the windshield. Thud! “Why don’t you – ” Thud! ” – watch where – ” THUD! ” – the fuck you’re GOING!” THUD-THUD!”

“Say you’re sorry for the way you were driving, you careless motherfucker! Do it now! Do it now!”

– Ugh, I could really just put a huge quote of that entire scene in here because I LOVE IT. It’s my favorite scene in the book. ‘Cus Jake, duh.

“Anger is the most useless emotion,” Henchick intoned, “destructive to the mind and hurtful to the heart.”

– Gotta love the Manni, Henchick in particular.

I could spend all day doing this, but I think you get my point. Ok, yeah, the Susannah/Mia (or Susannah-Mio if you prefer) parts of the book are alright. Frankly, I prefer the other character parts. Go figure.

Alright, y’all get ready for a GAWD BOMB!

TDT Reread: Wolves of the Calla

Say your lesson, Jake, son of Elmer, and be true.

Goosebumps. Every. Single. Time. Never fails. I swear, John “Jake” Chambers is the coolest 11 year old (Hyphenated? I tend to care less about proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure when I do these on my phone. Laaaaazyyyyyyy!) in the world!! Well, for my nerdy ass anyway. Anywho, WotC is definitely one of my favs in the series. And, the part I quoted, where Jake shows how truly badass he is, is for sure my favorite in the book.

Man, I can’t wait to get to SoS!