TDT Reread: Wolves of the Calla

Say your lesson, Jake, son of Elmer, and be true.

Goosebumps. Every. Single. Time. Never fails. I swear, John “Jake” Chambers is the coolest 11 year old (Hyphenated? I tend to care less about proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure when I do these on my phone. Laaaaazyyyyyyy!) in the world!! Well, for my nerdy ass anyway. Anywho, WotC is definitely one of my favs in the series. And, the part I quoted, where Jake shows how truly badass he is, is for sure my favorite in the book.

Man, I can’t wait to get to SoS!

TDT Reread: The Wind Through The Keyhole

Aka 4.5 in TDT series to the hardcore Tower Junkies. I proudly wave my junkie flag. And even though Cuthbert and Alain aren’t in this one, this time we get the amazing Jamie DeCurry, it’s always lovely to get another glimpse of Roland’s past.

Let’s hunker down for the starkblast and enjoy the story we’re told, shall we?

TDT Reread: Wizard and Glass

Bird and bear and hare and fish…

Oh, and I must include this one, cus Cuthbert duh…

Might I recline briefly at your feet miss? Your beauty has loosened my knees. I am sure a few moments looking up at your profile from below with the back of my head on these cool tiles will put me right.

P.S. I’m slightly disappointed that my Kindle editions don’t have the artwork. I could’ve sworn they did, but maybe I’m just remembering the illustrations from the numerous times I read the physical books. Who knows?

TDT Reread: The Drawing of the Three

“Did-a-chick? Dad-a-chum?”

Gotta love creepy ass lobster looking creatures that seem to ask questions and attack you, am I right?

(As usual, this will contain spoilers. Sooooo, if you haven’t read this book yet, you’ve been warned.)

We start out with our favorite gunslinger getting two fingers of his right hand munched off by a lobstrosity, and his big toe too. Poor Roland. If you thought that would hinder him, you were wrong. I mean, yes, he has some difficulty for a while dealing with infection and whatnot, but the man is so amazing, he’s still the fastest and most accurate when it comes to shooting. (IIRC, he teaches himself to shoot with his right hand minus the two digits, but I’ll have to read further into the series to confirm or deny that.) And people wonder why I adore this series so much…

Here we finally meet the twin of my second favorite TDT character, (Cuthbert, in case you were wondering), the hilarious Eddie Dean. Just as with Cuthbert, Eddie is the polar opposite of Roland in so many ways. It makes their dynamic and interactions that much more interesting. The fact that Eddie manages to rid himself of the monkey on his back endears him to me all the more. I LOVE the shootout at Balazar’s. Eddie shows some spine during this gunfight! When they make it back to Roland’s world, both of them are dealing with some serious issues and Eddie pushes through his withdrawal like a champ to make sure Roland is taken care of. When they finally make it to the next door…

We get Detta/Odetta/(eventually Susannah). This woman has so many facets to her that I don’t even know where to start or what to say about her. She’s overcome so much adversity in her life only to be yanked out of it into this strange world where, or so it seems to me, she finally gains the confidence, respect, and love she deserves. There will be more on her later, but for now, just know that IMHO this series wouldn’t be the same without this woman in it.

Finally, we get our third. Admittedly, it wasn’t the third I was hoping for when I first read this book. I had this idea in my head, hope rather, that the third would be Jake. Well, Jack Mort opens the door so to speak for Jake to be the third eventually. Roland’s actions when he inhabits(?) Jack Mort lead to Jake being drawn in The Waste Lands. But, during TDotT we get to see what Jack has done to Detta/Odetta and Jake to lead them all to the place they are now (or will eventually be). I’m pretty sure I whooped really loud when he died my first time reading this. I knew something better was going to come along, although obviously not exactly what that thing was…or should I say who?

TDotT is where we get the beginnings of Roland’s new ka-tet. And we couldn’t have asked for a more fascinating beginning if you ask me. What do I know though? I’m just a fangirl completely obsessed with this series.

P.S. I try to overlook the inconsistencies that start popping up in this book and don’t stop throughout the series. I mean, they make me twitch and I yell at my book, “That’s not what happened!” But, oh well, it is what it is. I just try not to let it mar my love for these characters and the story as a whole.


Until next time my dears, long days and pleasant nights.

TDT Reread: The Gunslinger

Image result for the gunslinger

**Spoiler alert! You can pretty much bank on spoilers from me in almost every post about books I’ve read. I suppose I shall still put a warning up for each new post so everyone is informed and all that jazz.**

It won’t take me more than a few hours to finish this one, so I need to get this post out ASAP.

Quick note: I didn’t start reading this series until I was in my mid 20’s. I’ve been hooked since then though. I’ve always been a huge King fan, not really sure how or why it took me so long to start reading these. Ah well, I’m obsessed now, so yeah.

This book is so short compared to the rest, there’s not a whole lot for me to ramble about. (Crazy, I know.) I do, however, think it’s really fucked up what happens to Jake. I mean, I get Roland’s reasoning (or obsession, however you wish to see it), but Jake is one of my favorite characters. I really didn’t want to see him go so soon. Thankfully, he comes back. CAN’T WAIT!! I absolutely love that we get glimpses of his past in this book as well.

Walter. What can I say about Walter? As an antagonist, he is probably in my top five of all time. His many appearances throughout this series, and other books written by King, keep me guessing and wishing I could get more of his story.

During my posts for these books you will most likely see me talk more about other characters than I do Roland. Just know, I absolutely adore him. And just because I don’t talk about him, it doesn’t mean I love him any less. There are just certain characters that I obsess over more than him. Iyam who Iyam, and I can’t help it.

I’m sure I’ll be doing another post tomorrow for the next book.