Crossroads of Twilight: WoT Reread

While I'm listening to this, but only when I'm in the car, and finishing the last few pages of TDT, I'm thinking about moving on to some Tad Williams next. I'm in a reread sort of mood lately. Ah, but this time I'll switch it up a some point. I've never read his Otherland … Continue reading Crossroads of Twilight: WoT Reread

Winter’s Heart: WoT Reread

Perrin goes after Faile blah blah one track mind blah blah. Elayne attempts to secure her throne. And she becomes first sisters with Aviendha. I rather enjoyed that part, pretty cool. Mat is back! I so missed him. Oh and by the way, he finally meets The Daughter of the Nine Moons. Kidnapping your future … Continue reading Winter’s Heart: WoT Reread

Simultaneous Rereads

So, I'm cruising along in the car on my way home and notice that ACOS is almost done. I started getting all excited to move on to APOD, but then I remembered...The Dark Tower will be in theaters 8/4 (major SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! moment), and I need to reread those books too. Let's face it, I won't … Continue reading Simultaneous Rereads

A Crown of Swords: WoT Reread

I'm already more than halfway through the book and I just realized I haven't done a post about it yet. Oy vey! So, for once, there won't be the endless rambling that generally comes with a post of mine. ... Actually, I've just found out I'm incapable of doing anything short of rambling about this … Continue reading A Crown of Swords: WoT Reread

Lord of Chaos: WoT Reread

Just a quick note: prepare for my long winded ramblings. There's just so MUCH I want to talk about in this book. Um, expect spoilers and lots of jumping around storywise. And so it begins... Ohhhhh, finally! Mazrim Taim and the Asha'man are here. Rand gets the male version of the White Tower, aptly named … Continue reading Lord of Chaos: WoT Reread

The Fires of Heaven: WoT Reread

Rand leads the fight, along with Mat and others, against the Shaido Aiel. Rand and Aviendha...well, let's just say, bow chicka wow wow. (D'oh, now she has 'toh!) Which, naturally, pisses Lanfear off. (Btw, I find that extremely humorous.) Sadly, Moiraine and Lanfear die. But, um yeah, not so much. (Spoiler!) Oooooh and Rand attacks … Continue reading The Fires of Heaven: WoT Reread

The Shadow Rising: WoT Reread

We're goin to the Aeil Waste baby yeahhhh!!!! *does a super dorky happy dance* I can't explain how stoked I am that I'm on this book, but let me make a short list: 1) Rand weilds Callandor and does some awesomecrazyinsane One Power weilding too 2) Aeil 3) Awesomeness ensues in Tanchico with Elayne, Nynaeve … Continue reading The Shadow Rising: WoT Reread

The Dragon Reborn: WoT Reread

Do you like to dance, Perrin Aybara? Mmm mmm, I sure do love me some Aiel! I've sooo been waiting for this one to start. It's odd, only listening to these books, but that just means I get to spend time when I'm not in my car reading a completely different series. Ahhhh, the nerd … Continue reading The Dragon Reborn: WoT Reread