I figure after all this time I should maybe say something... Shame I have no idea what to say. Audra is being a bit douchey because she has new material on Hesandra and Gosi, but is unwilling to share it. Go figure. Not that I can talk. I have new material for The Temple and can't manage to … Continue reading So…yeah

Before Onyxis I

"They compliment each other in so many ways. And yet each could cause the other's destruction so easily. It's a very thin line they must carefully walk every moment they're together." "Must you always state the obvious like such an annoying ass Gosi?" "Hesandra, just explain to me why you're so willing to let them … Continue reading Before Onyxis I

Hesandra’s Burden

I walk into the library and there's dust and cobwebs covering every surface. "What the hell have they been doing while I was gone?" I stick my head out the door and yell, "Felice, get your ass in here!" Felice comes in scowling--a look she seems to reserve for whenever I'm around. "What do you want Hesandra?" "Clean this shit up, we … Continue reading Hesandra’s Burden

March 2014 AW Blog Chain

This month's prompt: Lions and Lambs Once again participating in AW's monthly Blog Chain. I love this topic, it was just as fun as last month's prompt. Choosing the pairing was a blast. Enjoy! Disclaimer: Strong language # "For real, kiss my ass. I can't believe you roped me into babysitting that mousy little bitch for … Continue reading March 2014 AW Blog Chain

A Character’s Voice: Hesandra

Last month there was a post in which Arryn had free reign around here for a day and I was thinking I should let Hesandra loose this time. (This may become a recurring theme.) Truth be told, I'm a little nervous. I hope I don't regret this later. If I do, live and learn. P.S. … Continue reading A Character’s Voice: Hesandra

You’re Turning Me Off

Disclaimer: Strong language and adult content to follow. Consider yourself warned. Riddle me this - what the fuck is going on with epub/self-pub stories these days? With the majority of my recent acquisitions, the writing has turned me off within a few pages and left me worrying about the current, and future, standards for these … Continue reading You’re Turning Me Off